Recent Awards


(l-r) Chef Salvatore is joined by his wife, Anna to receive the award from Pres. Mario Mele

This May 2008, Chef Salvatore De Cristofaro received the Caterina de Medici Gastronomic Society membership plaque from the president of this fine organization, Mario Mele. This organization has been founded in Philadelphia in 1984. 

The Caterina de'Medici Gastronomic Society has for its goals the dispersement of knowledge of the glories of classical and regional Italian cooking, its great and varied wines and its cultural heritage.

Membership in the Caterina de'Medici Society is made up of men and women of all ages: physicians, dentists, attorneys, bankers, homemakers, builders, developers, public officials, etc., as well as food and wine industry professionals. Criteria for membership, simply stated, is a love and appreciation for Italian food and wines, amenability with other members and a sense of decorum.